Changes to be made at COVID-19 assessment centres

People are seen lined up at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre in Fergus, Ontario.
People are lined up at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre in Fergus, Ontario. Photo by Kayla Kreutzberg.
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COVID-19 assessment centres are seeing a surge in lineups due to schools reopening and cases on the rise.

CEO and President of the Groves Memorial Community Hospital Stephen Street said the provincial government just released some updated guidance for residents regarding the centres.

“We are looking to hire additional staff that would allow us to expand the number of days and the amount of individuals  [...] [we see for testing],” he said.

To further combat the long lineups, the provincial government is partnering with pharmacies to expand access for residents to receive a COVID-19 test.

But Street said that it’s not rolled out completely across the province yet.

“I don’t think we have any local drug stores participating in this right now, but the province has a website that will allow you to search your local areas to find the closet pharmacy that is offering that,” he said.

“We are looking at introducing an appointment system that will make it easier and more convenient for people when the next available appointment is, and that should reduce the time spent in line as well," Street said.

There is no word on when that appointment system will be made available.

A new COVID-19 assessment centre is expected to open in Harriston early October.

CEO and president of the Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Stephen Street: