Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont seeks to become the cycling hub in North America with new indoor velodrome

Pictured is the front of the velodrome. The top half of the velodrome is grey with the bottom half being made up of windows and doors. ylvan Adams Velodrome Multi-sport Centre Desjardins, the name of the velodrome, can also be seen on the front of the building.
The Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont (CNCB) officially opened the doors to the Sylvan Adams Velodrome Multi-sport Centre Desjardins at the beginning of Oct. Photo by Taylor McClure.
Taylor McClure - CIDI - KnowltonQC | 14-11-2022
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Working with cyclists for over two decades, the Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont (CNCB) officially opened the doors to the Sylvan Adams Velodrome Multi-sport Centre Desjardins, the only indoor velodrome in Quebec, at the beginning of Oct. 

The CNCB originally only had an outdoor velodrome after purchasing the cycling track used at the olympics in Atlanta in 1996. The track was moved to Bromont in 2000. The CNCB also had an outdoor pump track and a BMX track. 

About seven years ago, the CNCB realized that its outdoor track was experiencing some issues due to the weather. That’s when they started thinking about an indoor structure. 

“The only one we had in Quebec was the one in Montreal, which is now the Biodôme. The athletes needed a space and an indoor track so we started to think about how we would manage to have this indoor track,” explained Delphine Dumas, marketing director for the CNCB. 

At first, the plan was to have a structure resembling a soccer complex, said Dumas, but then people started getting interested in the project and it became much more. 

“It became this multi-sport centre where you have the track itself, but then different facilities and activities you can practice,” she said. 

The Sylvan Adams Velodrome Multi-sport Centre Desjardins is a $22 million dollar project backed by the likes of the local community, cyclists, financial institutions, and the government. 

“So many people got interested in our project. The first donor was Sylvan Adams (…) he gave us the first $2 million that started the project. The little spark that helped us to raise the whole $20 million,” mentioned Dumas. 

While cycling oriented, explained Dumas, the CNCB thinks about all the other people in the community that it can bring to the cycling world by practicing other sports.

The indoor velodrome has a variety of spaces dedicated to different physical activities.

“We have the track on the second floor. We have a pump track, which is an asphalt track where you can practice either with a skateboard, a scooter, mountain bike, BMX. Then we have two surfaces, like a regular gymnasium or a school gymnasium. Most people come here to practice pickle ball, which is huge. (…) We also have volleyball, soccer, we have so many different options,” Dumas highlighted. 

The velodrome also has a race track, spinning classes, and a fitness centre. 

“In January, we will open an installation we call the “zone acrobatique,” which is going to be a place where people can practice tricks and jumps with their bike. It’s similar to a skate park, but with bigger features,” added Dumas.

Dumas emphasized that the velodrome isn’t only for athletes, but for those who enjoy watching sports. 

The CNCB will host upcoming events at the velodrome, including the Quebec Cup on Dec. 30, to introduce the public to what cycling has to offer.

“Just watching people on the track it’s so impressive. They’re so fast and the track is so steep. It’s a 42 degree angle so it’s really impressive. People need to come and see it. You don’t need to be into sports to enjoy your time here,” she noted. 

The CNCB’s mission and vision is to be the place for cycling in North America, emphasized Dumas. 

“We want the whole Eastern township region to be known for cycling,” she said. 

Listen to the full interview below: