Canada’s dark history and war on children

Crossa Lake's residential school
A group of children in a classroom at Cross Lake's residential school in Manitoba in February 1940 - Photo: Archives Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Gunargie O'Sullivan - CFRO - VancouverBC | 06-10-2021

Sanderson Layng is a television producer whose work focuses on social issues. They include 'Living clean, living well', a groundbreaking television series on addiction and recovery, and 'Rez blues' named best show of the year on APTN. He spoke with Gunargie O'Sullivan this week about his work and some of the upcoming shows currently in development.

It includes 'Canada's Dark History' "that looks at the role of the residential schools in Canada, looks at the legacy and the impacts on First Nations and really the intergenerational impact,' says Layng.. It also looks at how it impacts the potential for reconciliation to take place. The discovery in Kamloops of 215+ unmarked graves happened while the production was reaching its end but will be featured in the series.

To learn more about 'Canada's Dark History', as well as 'The war on children' another upcoming production with a large section about the treatment reserved to children by the social services system, listen to the interview below.