Call for more info, warning about over-policing after racist vandalism incident at Mt A

A building with circular driveway, trees in front, and sign reading Wallce McCain Student Centre, 62 York Street.
The Wallace McCain Student Centre at Mount Allison University in Sackville NB. Photo: Erica Butler
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 12-12-2023
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Last Thursday night, during or after an end-of-classes event in Mount Allison's student centre, someone vandalized the school's Black Resource and Information Centre, and left behind what school officials have called "hate speech".

CHMA looks at the school's reaction to the incident, and hears from Black Students Union president Beyoncé Gibbons about her concerns with that reaction. Gibbons says students need more detailed information about the incident, so they can determine for themselves how safe their campus is.  And while she supports an investigation into who perpetrated the racist vandalism, Gibbons thinks ramping up campus security could backfire for Mount Allison's Black students.

Listen to the story here: