Black History Month: Victoria BC residents speak on importance of diversity

Pic depicting Black History Month in writing
Black History month Photo Courtesy: Sade Awele
Yetunde Bada - CFUV - VictoriaBC | 12-02-2021
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As Victoria British Columbia joins Canada and the United States of America to celebrate the Black History Month (BHM), many roundtables, albeit virtual, are springing up to teach the youth and residents of BC the importance of diversity and the talents and contributions of black people to the society.


CFUV 101.9FM spoke with Nancy Nyandika, a resident and Co-founder of BlackSpeaks Victoria, who says our differences are not as big as they appear when we learn about one another.



Another resident, Jennifer Purcell, says as part of her contributions to change the narrative of seeing black people as criminals or being evil is that she has decided to post the contributions of black Canadians on her facebook page to recreate the awareness of their positive contributions towards society.