BC introduces regulations to prevent youth vaping

photo courtesy of Thorn Yang via PEXELS
photo courtesy of Thorn Yang via PEXELS
Lisa Cordasco - CHLY - NanaimoBC | 20-07-2020

British Columbia has introduced a sweeping set of regulations, aimed at preventing the sale of vaping products to young people. They include a cap on nicotine levels, along with health warnings on the packages and a ban on selling flavoured vapes except in adult-only stores. Advertising is banned in places where young people gather, like bus shelters and community parks. BC's minister of health says the regulations are the most comprehensive in the country. Adrian Dix says they are intended to fight marketing campaigns that target young people.



"And what we've seen is an aggressive campaign to promote the use of vaping products among youth. And even though those products are not allowed to be sold to people under 19 in British Columbia, nonetheless, we have seen exponential growth in their use with the risk to the health of young people associated with that are significant and obvious," Dix said.

Last year, the province launched a stop vaping social media campaign and distributed a vaping prevention toolkit to 2000 schools.

It will establish a youth advisory committee in September to look into the problem.