All Welcome Here responds to PEC council’s handling of Don King metaphor

Three figures in business attire sit at an edge of a long wooden circular conference table. A green plant is visible in the upper right corner of the picture.
Councillors Nieman, Roberts (centre), and Engelsdorfer. Photo courtesy of the Prince Edward County Public Record.
Craig Foster - CJPE - PictonON | 02-05-2023
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The Prince Edward County anti-racism group All Welcome Here has publicly denounced council's handling of last week's controversy around Coun. Bill Robert's Don King metaphor and his subsequent explanation, saying it fell well short of the mark.

The follow up comes after Roberts compared the loose ends of a policy to that of Black boxing promoter Don King's hair.

"It is important that we clarify that racist comments cannot be “misconstrued” or “misunderstood,” like the Councillor stated. Racist comments are just that - racist comments. The intent of the speaker does not change the impact of the words," Education Lead Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin said in a statement to 99.3 County FM.

"A genuine apology should demonstrate accountability, a willingness to learn and address the very real impact of their words,"  the statement continued.

The statement also says they expect PEC Council to set a clear timeline for undertaking anti-racism training.

In the council chambers last week, Mayor Steve Ferguson offered an apology, while Councillor Roberts offered an explanation.

Listen to the full story below: