Alberta Indigenous Games 2021 has successful kick-off

people gathering at opening ceremony
Opening Ceremonies at West Edmonton Mall for Alberta Indigenous Games 2021, photo credit: Bealique Kahmahkotayo
Bealique Kahmahkotayo - - EdmontonAL | 13-08-2021

The opening ceremonies for the Alberta Indigenous Games 2021 went off without a hitch!

The 2021 Aboriginal Indigenous Games kicked off with an opening ceremony at the West Edmonton Mall yesterday.

Some of the sports started today throughout the Edmonton, but mostly at Rundle Park.

Lila Heavyhead really enjoys the atmosphere the games create. Her grand-daughters will be playing basketball at the games this week.

More than 2500 athletes will be participating in the games. Some of the activities will include, a barbeque, round dance and talent show.

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