A new plan for the Pontiac pool project

Photo of a pool facility
Photo of a pool facility
Jacob Lavigne - CHIP - PontiacQC | 27-01-2021
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The Pontiac Pool committee has given an update their project.

The president of the committee, Todd Hoffman, accompanied by the warden and initiator of the project, Jane Toller, mentioned that the committee was going to turn to a new plan, in order to adjust to different programs to obtain funds from the government of Quebec. This new plan provides essentially the same services, like a swimming pool and the infrastructures for an aqua gym, but at a much lower cost.

“The project is going from a budget of $11 million to just over $5 million dollars, which should give us a better chance to go ahead with a project. We are very enthusiastic about this,” Toller said.

Hoffman also pointed out that a community fundraising campaign should take place in the coming weeks.

The full project update with Pontiac Pool Committee Chairman Hoffman is available below: