A contender in the Conservative Party’s leadership race shares his vision

Jean Charest standing in front of a white background smiling with his arms crossed
Jean Charest, the former premier of Quebec and current candidate in the Conservative Party Premier race, shared with CIVL what he plans to do if elected as the new Conservative party leader. Photo courtesy to Jean Charest's campaign website.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 04-08-2022
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Jean Charest's views on various topics. Jean Charest, the former premier of Quebec and current runner in the Conservative Party's leadership race shared with CIVL his stance on a pressing issue in Canada. When it comes to the controversial Bill C21, Mr. Charest says he condemns the Bill and is shocked that Mr. Poilievre did not condemn the bill and the prime minister took so long to speak against it. When asked about the bill, Mr. Charest said," I have a very clear position on bill 21. It came to me when I was premier. It was proposed to me to outlaw religious symbols and I said no and at the time, it would have been more popular for me to do it as premier but I said no out of the question of principle. He adds," when Bill 21 was enacted, and this was before the leadership race, I came out publicly and said that I was opposed to it. In this leadership race, I was the only candidate who was saying that I would fight it in the supreme court of Canada. Mr. Poilievre said to the people of Quebec and french, that he would not fight Bill 21... the prime minister was weak on this file... He finally decided about a month ago to change his position and to say that he was will be fighting this in the supreme court.