A Better Tent City Update and A Recent Eviction from a Shelter

A close up of a green cabin built for the
A green cabin built for the "A Better Tent City" project. Photo: Trish Holmes
Dan Kellar - - KitchenerON | 03-08-2020

By Trish Holmes

This episode begins with a chat with Jeff Willmer who gives us an update on the “A Better Tent City” project at Lot42 in Kitchener.

The second half of the show is a story about a recent eviction from an emergency shelter. In the last week of July, during which the province of Ontario continued an emergency order due to the COVID-19 crisis, Monica Place in Cambridge gave a young single mother, Emma, and her one-year-old child 48 hours notice to move off their premises with little explanation. The unusual move was precipitated by a post on a local Facebook group page, in which a woman asserted that Emma left her child in 35-degree heat while she was smoking. Emma maintains the child was not in danger, she was not acting in anyway illegally or neglectfully.  When contacted, Monica House confirmed the eviction but would not comment further.

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