Former Warden Mike McCrank seeks election this fall

A headshot of Mike McCrank, wearing a black and white plaid shirt and glasses.
Pontiac Warden candidate Mike McCrank. Photo courtesy of Mike McCrank.
Caleb Nickerson - CHIP - PontiacQC | 15-09-2021

Former MRC Pontiac Warden and Litchfield Mayor Mike McCrank has announced that he is seeking to return to the top seat in county politics this fall. He is the second person to announce their candidacy, after incumbent Jane Toller held a press conference on September 13 to publicly declare she was seeking reelection.

McCrank outlined his political experience, from a municipal councillor in Litchfield, to mayor and also warden for nearly 14 years. Prior to 2017, the warden also served as a mayor and was elected by their peers on the MRC council.


He said that one of the main reasons he’s running for the seat he used to hold is the division that he’s witnessed in the current administration’s council meetings.

The full interview with McCrank is available below.