How well has British Columbia handled all of its crisis’s in the past two years

A professional headshot of Sonia Furstenau in front of a gradient green background.
Sonia Furstenau, leader of the British Columbia green party shared with CIVL what the BC government should have done to prepare for Crisis's better. Photo Courtesy to the BC Green Party.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 16-09-2022
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What the BC Green Party leader thinks of the BC government's handling of crisis's in the past two years. Sonia Furstenau, leader of the BC green party shares with CIVL how she thought the BC government handled the many different crisis's over the past two years. Furstenau says," Fairly consistently, this government has underestimated the warnings and we saw that about what I was saying about the atmospheric rivers for example. They reacted slowly, they've denied foresight, and often they have denied accountability". She continues by saying," we've seen over and over again instead of a proactive response and a proactive and a proactive approach, it's been reactive approach".